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How common is do-it-yourself divorce?

It is quite common in the US. According to the statistics about 50 % of petitioners and 80 % of respondents represent themselves in a court.Today, more and more people prefer filing for divorce by themselves to spending thousands of dollars for an attorney. There are three main advantages of do-it-yourself divorce: it is cheaper, easier to do and helps you reach an agreement with your partner.

What is included in my DivorceFiller package?

DivorceFiller will complete all of your divorce papers that you need to get a divorce in your state. We will also provide you with detailed step-by-step filling instructions and continuous phone, email and chat support.

Why is DivorceFiller the best?

First, we at DivorceFiller provide high quality services and all our clients are absolutely satisfied with our job. Second, we care about our customers and so we made our services affordable for everyone. DivorceFiller fee for online divorce forms completion service is the best among online divorce companies and we are proud of it. Third, we help you complete your divorce case without extra stress and we do our best to help you get your divorce as fast as possible. Forth, we are secure. We are working in online divorce industry for many years and we have proved that we are trustful company. Fifth, we respect our clients. DivorceFiller provides exceptional customer service for all our clients!

Can I use DivorceFiller in my state?

DivorceFiller provides services in every state of America. So, if you meet residency requirements, DivorceFiller is always ready to help you complete all your divorce documents according to your state laws. We guarantee that all your divorce papers will be accepted in the court or you get your money back!

What is online interview?

You need to enter all required information about you, your spouse, children, property and debts during the online interview. It takes about 20 minutes to answer all the questions. As soon as you have done your online interview, you can print your divorce documents and file them with the court.

Do I qualify to use DivorceFiller?

If you are not sure whether your case fits DivorceFiller system, click on “Check Eligibility” and answer three very simple questions. The site will tell you whether you qualify for using DivorceFiller.

Do I have to divorce in the state where I was married?

You do not have to divorce in the state where you were married, if you no longer live there. You or your partner need to meet residency requirements in order to file for divorce in a particular state.

We have children. Can I still use DivorceFiller?

You can use DivorceFiller even if you have children. During the online interview you can request child support, if you need it, and specify your requirements for custody. Furthermore, there is a tool for creating a Parenting plan. So, DivorceFiller cares about families with children.

What if my spouse is in the military?

Whether your spouse is in the military or not, he or she must meet residency requirements in order to file for divorce. Though, service members can retain their state residency status according to the state they are stationed in while on active duty. If you and your spouse agree to sign the divorce papers, your divorce is considered an uncontested divorce.
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