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Uncontested VS Contested Divorce in Wyoming

Divorce - it is always not easy and it is unlikely that anyone at the time of the marriage ceremony could imagine that all this will end. But divorce in the modern world is not uncommon and how it will pass largely depend on the spouses. In Wyoming, there are two main types of marriage dissolution - a contested and uncontested divorce.

The contested divorce means that all disputed matters of the spouses are decided in the courtroom. When a couple has too many unresolved issues, a judge enters the game, who must learn all aspects of the marriage and make a final decision, and this can take months or even drag on for a whole year. The length of the dissolution of marriage depends largely on how many complex issues need to be resolved by the court. That is why the contested divorce is so long, apart from that, it is also expensive, since lawyers are fighting for the interests of spouses, and their services are not cheap.

The contested divorce can also be debilitating, because sometimes wars in the courtroom are simply impossible to endure. That is why couples are increasingly turning to court for an uncontested divorce. The key point in such divorce is that the spouses simply have nothing to divide up in court, as all their questions and disputes they have already resolved, so the judge just needs to take the final decision on divorce. Quite often, with uncontested divorce, spouses do not even have to attend court hearings, and the whole process can take just a couple of months.

Uncontested Divorce in Wyoming

The uncontested divorce is perfectly suited to those couples who are ready to cooperate to achieve a common goal. If the spouses want to quickly and painlessly terminate the marriage, they should be ready to settle all their disputes, which include the following issues:

  • Grounds for divorce.
  • Separation of common property, debts and assets.
  • Separation of custody of minor children and drawing up a plan for upbringing.
  • The amount of financial support for the child and alimony.
  • Any other moments that may arise in the process of divorce.

Both childless couples, and couples with minor children can get an uncontested divorce. The main condition is that the spouses agree with each other on all aspects of their marriage dissolution. If this is true, the process of divorce will take from 30 to 90 days and in most cases the couple will not even have to attend the final hearing. If the court understands all the conditions and arrangements of the spouses, the judge will simply sign the Decree of Divorce and the divorce will become final.

Grounds for Divorce in Wyoming

The grounds for divorce are the reasons established by law, which led to the intention to dissolve the marriage. Wyoming is a no-fault state, which assumes that none of the spouses is to blame for the fact that the marriage is broken. The basis for divorce can serve as irreconcilable differences that have developed between the pair, which prevents the spouses from continuing to live in the marriage. No-fault grounds are the reasons that you do not need to prove before the court.

In addition, a divorce in Wyoming can be obtained on the grounds that one of the spouses is incurably ill with madness and is in a psychiatric hospital for at least 2 years before filing a lawsuit.

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Wyoming Residency Requirements to File for Divorce

In order to obtain a divorce in Wyoming, the couple must comply with the conditions of the state. In addition to the grounds accepted by law, the spouses must also fulfill the requirements for residence. So, Wyoming obliges any of the spouses to be a resident of the state not less than 60 days prior to filing of The Complaint with the court.

How to File for an Uncontested Divorce in Wyoming?

The first thing you need to start for a divorce is to prepare the forms. This is a very important point, because Wyoming has a long list of available forms, but not all of them need to be sued, but only those that correspond to the circumstances of your divorce. For example, if you do not have underage children, then you do not submit the corresponding forms. In addition, it is very important to fill them out in accordance with the requirements of the state, otherwise the judicial clerk will not accept them. You can ask a lawyer for help, so that the specialist does all the paperwork or fill them by yourself. The main forms you should start with are Vital Statistics, Complaint for Divorce and Summons.

When the papers are ready, you must file them with the court of the county where you live. If you and your spouse live in different districts, then you can serve where you want. After the judicial clerk accepts your documents, your case will be entered with a registration number and you will be required to transfer copies to your spouse (which is also called ‘serving a spouse’) and receive signed form from him or her about serving (An Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Service or Affidavit to Allow Service by Registered or Certified Mail ), which also need to be sued. After that, your divorce will begin.

Before the judge makes the final decree, you will need to wait from 1 to 3 months, depending on the judge's workload. In most cases, a divorce can be granted without visiting the court hearing by the   spouses. But in rare cases, a judge can bring a couple to court to testify, but even in such a situation, getting a divorce will not be delayed.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Wyoming

Usually attorneys participate in the process of divorce and aimed to prepare all the necessary papers and represent the interests of each spouse before the court. However, legislation allows spouses not to apply to lawyers, if they do not want to, and represent their interests on their own. Thousands of people are divorce each year in Wyoming without the participation of a lawyer. This is also known as DIY divorce and is suitable for uncontested cases. Anyone from the spouses can independently prepare all the necessary papers, as well as protect his or her interests before the court. But if it is a question of a contested divorce, it is better to seek help from a specialist in order to have a strong defender in litigation.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

On average, the cost of an uncontested divorce is $ 200. It includes: a court fee to register your case, as well as the funds that you will have to spend in order to serve a spouse. If you want to hire a lawyer to prepare papers, then you will need to spend on this extra funds, since on average the attorney's hour rate is $210.

How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in Wyoming?

The exact duration of dissolution of marriage is difficult to establish, since each divorce is individual and has its own characteristics. But on average, the uncontested divorce takes from 30 to 90 days from the moment when all the necessary papers are brought to court. To get the contested divorce, it may take a lot longer, depending on the number of disputes that need to be resolved by the judge.

How to Serve Your Spouse in Wyoming

After your case is registered in court, you must provide the spouse with all copies of the documents, this process is also known as serving a spouse. The sooner you do this, the sooner the court begins to work with your case. So, you can serve a spouse in the following ways:

  • If you and your spouse are on good terms and both agree to a divorce, you can hand over the documents to your almost ex personally, after which he or she must sign the Acknowledgment and Acceptance of the Service - a form that must be submitted to the court.
  • If your spouse uses the services of a lawyer in the process of divorce, then you should send a copy of your forms to the office of the lawyer who works with your spouse.
  • You can also transfer all the necessary papers through an intermediary, for example, with the help of a sheriff or use a private mail (in thi case you must transfer to the court the Affidavit to Allow Service by Registered or Certified Mail).
  • Another way of serving a spouse is to make a publication in the newspaper about your intention to dissolve the marriage. However, this kind of service is used very rarely and only in cases where you do not know where your spouse is and can not contact him or her in any way.

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Papers & Documents You Need to Get a Divorce in Wyoming

In the state of Wyoming, there is the following list of forms:

  • Vital Statistics Form, DNCP 4 or DWCP 4
  • Complaint for Divorce, DNCP 5 or DWCP 5
  • Summons in Civil Action, DNCP 6 or DWCP 6
  • Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Service, DNCP 7 or DWCP 7
  • Affidavit to Allow Service by Registered or Certified Mail, DNCP 8 or DWCP 8
  • Notice of Publication, DNCP 9 or DWCP 9
  • Affidavit to Allow Service by Publication, DNCP 10 or DWCP 10
  • Affidavit Following Service by Publication, DNCP 11 or DWCP 11
  • Answer to the Complaint for Divorce DNCD 4
  • Answer to the Complaint for Divorce and Counterclaim, DNCD 5
  • Reply to the Counterclaim, DNCP 12 or DWCP 16
  • Affidavit for Divorce Without Appearance of the Parties, DNCP 24 or DWCP 31, DNCD 17A or DWCD 22.
  • Decree of Divorce, DNCP 26 or DWCP 34, DNCP 17 or DWCD 25
  • Application for Entry of Default, DNCP 13 or DWCP 17, DNCD 6 or DWCD 10
  • Entry of Default, DNCP 15 or DWCP 19, DNCD 8 or DWCD 12
  • Affidavit of Plaintiff in Support of Default, DNCP 14 or DWCP 18
  • Affidavit of Defendant in Support of Default, DNCD 7 or DWCD 11
  • Confidential Financial Affidavit, DWCP 12 and DWCD 6
  • Order Requiring Completion of Financial Affidavits, DWCP 13 and DWCD 7
  • Income Withholding Order, DWCP 20 or DWCD 13
  • Notice to Payor, DWCP 21 or DWCD 14
  • Confidential Statement of Parties for Child Support Order, DWCP 33 and DWCD 24
  • Certificate of Mailing Decree of Divorce, DNCP 29 or DWCP 37, DNCD 20 or DWCD 28

This is a complete list of the forms that are available in Wyoming for getting a divorce. But keep in mind that not all of them you need to fill, you prepare only those documents that correspond to the circumstances of your marriage. So, for example, if you and your spouse do not have common children, then you do not need to fill out forms about children. Also on our website, you can prepare all the necessary documents, and you do not even need to understand the nuances of legislation. Our system will choose exactly the forms that fit your case and fill them in accordance with the requirements of the court.

Online Divorce in Wyoming

If you are not going to find out the relationship with the spouse in the courtroom and your divorce is uncontested, then you have an additional way to save time - to use an online divorce. Usually this term means services that provide various web platforms in order to prepare forms. Online divorce is very popular at the present time and many couples have already had time to appreciate it, because in order to prepare the papers there is no need to understand the law. All that is required from you is to answer questions about your marriage, and the system will choose all forms that fit your needs and fill them in as required by state regulations. Using our services you will get quality papers in just a day for a small price of $149, we will also provide you with instructions on what steps to take next. Online divorce is a great way to quickly prepare all the necessary forms and protect yourself from mistakes. We give a 100% guarantee that the documents prepared with the help of our service will be approved by the court.

Rules for Child Support and Visitation in Wyoming

If the family has a minor child, then during divorce, not only the spouses, but also the child suffers. It is very important that the child feels comfortable, therefore the courts are guided by the best interests of the child when it comes to the distribution of guardianship. The custody can be shared equally among the parents or be awarded only to one spouse, depending on what is best for the child. In addition, there are two main types of custody: a legal custody (the ability to make important decisions in the life of a child) and a physical custody (the right of permanent residence with the child). Before determining the type of guardianship, the judge will analyze many factors that took place to be in the family. For example, if one of the family members was physically abused by the spouse, the court may limit the right of the aggressor-spouse to see the child or at all to prohibit him or her from approaching the child.

Also, the court welcomes if the parents are able to discuss and prepare a plan for the upbringing of the child, which will describe in detail how much time and with which of the spouses the child should spend.

An important issue in the process of divorcing couples with children is the calculation of the amount of financial support for the child. The state of Wyoming is guided by the Income Shares Model, on the basis of which monthly support is divided proportionally according to the income of each parent, the amount is then shifted to determine which of the parents will pay. Usually financial support is provided by a spouse who does not have the right to a physical custody.

Rules for Spousal Support in Wyoming

Financial support to the spouse (alimony) is not compulsory, unlike the child's support, but can be provided upon request. Alimony can be such that are paid only in the process of divorce or such that they are paid out within a certain period of time after the divorce is formalized. In Wyoming, there are no special rules for calculating the amount of support. The court makes its decision in favor of alimony only if one of the spouses really needs it, and the second spouse is able to pay for it. Also, the partner's gender does not influence the decision on matrimonial support, alimony can be provided from the husband to the wife and vice versa.

Division of Property in Wyoming

Divorcing spouses are required to share their property. Wyoming is a state where the rule of fair distribution operates. In general, it does not mean that all property will be divided equally, but it will be divided honestly. There are no clear criteria for dividing, courts have more freedom in the decision-making process, but it will still be based on an analysis of the various factors that have developed during the marriage.

In addition, an important issue is to determine what property is common, because only it should be divided. Everything that was acquired by the spouses in the process of marriage is common and must be divided fairly. But there are situations when the spouse was given something during the marriage, for example, the brother gave a car to the wife as a gift, in this case the car will be considered a separate property and should not be divided. Or the husband has inherited the house from relatives, then such a house is also considered a separate property.

Division of Debt in Wyoming

By analogy with the division of property, the spouses also need to share debts and mortgages. Separation is also based on the rule of equity. For example, if a spouse wants to get most of the property, he or she will also get the most of the debt. Spouses also have the right to sell part of their property in order to pay off debts in the process or before the divorce begins.

Divorce Mediation in Wyoming

Quite often, intermediaries are involved in the process of divorce, which direct their efforts in order to settle disputes between spouses. This is not an obligatory procedure, but in some cases the courts can insist on this if the case concerns the issue of custody of underage children. In addition, the mediators can help resolve disputes and reach a compromise regarding the division of property or any other issues that may arise in the process of marriage dissolution.

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How to Divorce a Missing Spouse in Wyoming

After your case is registered in court, you are obliged to transfer to the spouse copies of all documents, so that he or she gets acquainted with them, this is an obligatory step and the divorce will not begin until the spouse is served. But if you do not know where your almost former lives, and you do not have the opportunity to contact him or her, you still have the right to get a divorce. He is also known as the Divorce on Publication. Together with all the necessary forms you also sue Affidavit of Diligent Search, after which you need to make every possible attempt to contact your spouse. If you can not find a spouse, you need to make a publication in a local newspaper, which should be published once a week during 4 weeks. Your divorce will automatically become uncontested and the judge will make final decree in 2-3 months.

Default Divorce in Wyoming

After serving a spouse, he or she has 20 days to file a response if he or she lives in the same county as you or 30 days if the spouse resides in another district, not counting the cases, when you served a spouse by publication or if he or she is in the military service. If within a set time the spouse does not respond to your request, divorce becomes the default divorce. Therefore, you can sue An Application for Entry of the Default, which gives the judge an understanding that  you are asking for a default divorce.

Annulment of the Marriage in Wyoming

Both divorce and annulment end marriage. The divorce terminates the marriage relationship, the annulment recognizes that the marriage never had legal force, because it was concluded in violation of the law. Reasons for cancellation of marriage can be identified as follows: bigamy, incest, mental incapacity, impotence, marriage between minors, marriage committed under duress.

Legal Separation in Wyoming

There are situations when the spouses want to divorce, but they can not do it because of certain circumstances. Wyoming allows these couples to get a legal separation. This means that the couple shares all their property, debts, custody of children in court, and can also live separately, while still be in an official marriage. If the couple wants this, then after a while spouses can get an official decision on divorce.

Same-Sex Divorce in Wyoming

Same-sex marriages are allowed in Wyoming since October 2014. And as they are official, same-sex marriages also have the right to receive a divorce. In Wyoming, there are no specific conditions for dissolving the marriage in gay couples, so the procedure is exactly the same as for heterosexual divorces.

Military Divorce in Wyoming

According to the law, all military are protected from divorce by default. In addition, according to the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, 50 UCS section 521 divorce will be postponed until the soldier is on active duty plus 60 days after the service is over. Legislation also obliged to serve a military spouse personally. There is also rule of 10, in which a military pension can be divided only if the marriage has lasted at least 10 years, and the spouse has been in the service all this time.

How to Divorce a Spouse in Jail in Wyoming

Getting divorced from a spouse who is in prison is not easy, but possible. You will need to file not only all the necessary forms, but also those documents on the basis of which the spouse is serving a prison sentence. You can also contact the correctional staff to transfer copies of documents for divorce to your almost former. You will also need to attend the final hearing, but it is unlikely that your spouse will be there. In general, a divorce with a person who is serving a prison sentence takes a little longer, but anyway it is real to obtain it.

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Wyoming Divorce Filing Fee

Court filing fees are in addition to the cost of using This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.

Can a Filing Fee Be Waived?

If you want to file for divorce, but are experiencing certain financial problems and pay the fee you can not afford, the courts are always ready to sing at a meeting. You need to fill out the Request for Waiver of Filing Fees and file it in the office, then the court will cancel the filing fee for you if it makes sure that it is necessary.

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