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Washington divorce details

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Uncontested vs Contested Divorce in Washington

The uncontested divorce is when the spouses are eager not to fight for their rights but instead want to finish the process as fast and easy as possible.

The grounds for the uncontested divorce can be:

  • Adultery
  • Constant cruelty of one of the spouses
  • Incurable illness of one of the spouses
  • Absence of one of the spouses for more than 1 year

During the uncontested divorce, you do not need to prove your innocence as you have already had a negotiation with your spouse and arranged the whole divorce proceeding. The contested divorce is completely different process. It is the marriage termination when both spouses cannot meet the requirements of each other. It provides huge financial losses with the help of the attorney. The fee you spend on the contested divorce will be twice as high than the cost of the uncontested one. You should think over all the little aspects of both divorces before you make the decision on what divorce to choose.

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce
Uncontested divorce in Washington

Uncontested Divorce

The uncontested divorce is much easier than the contested one and has many benefits::

  • Fast processing times
  • No guilty spouses
  • No help required from attorneys
  • Ability to represent yourself in the courtroom

These and other benefits make the uncontested divorce so preferable among others, but there are some disadvantages:

  • Child custody may cause some complications that cannot be suitable for the uncontested divorce
  • Property division may not be equal, which can also convert into the contested divorce

The Supreme Court deals with the uncontested divorce only if the couple meets all the residency requirements, so let’s see them.

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Washington Residency Requirements to file for the divorce

Washington Residency Requirements to file for the divorce

As in any other state, the Washington State has its own laws that must be confirmed. Sometimes, couples think that if they currently live in Washington, the Supreme Court will grant them a divorce, but it is not the truth. The residence requirements of the Washington State are as follows:

  • If one spouse is a constant resident of Washington and another spouse is not, there will be a problem to get a divorce. The couple should write a special Petition to the court with the divorce request. Since the Petition is given to the court, the Petitioner should serve another spouse with it. In the term of 90 days, the court will act upon the documents. (Revised Code of Washington - Title 26 - Chapters: 26.09.010, 26.09.030)
  • The couple should live in the Washington State no less than 6 months

All these requirements must be met for all the couples that are going to get the Divorce Decree in the Washington State. If you have any difficulties with your case, you’d better take the advice of the well-experienced lawyer or another legal body.

How to file for an Uncontested Divorce in Washington

To begin filing for the divorce, you need to agree with your spouse such issues as:

  • Division of the common debts and the marital property
  • Alimony
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support

In general, the whole scheme of filing for the divorce is not so complicated and has the following steps:

  1. Make a decision to terminate the legal marriage
  2. Negotiate all the divorce issues with your spouse in advance. Go to the mediation process with your spouse if something goes wrong with the spousal agreement
  3. Take the required forms for especially your case and serve your spouse with them
  4. Arrange which type of the divorce you really have and fulfill your actions regarding this type
  5. Be sure that the court will approve all the documents and forms
  6. Wait a 90-day waiting period until the court schedules the final hearing
  7. Go to the Final Judgment and get the Certificate of the marriage termination

All these steps are very peculiar, and they can change regarding your case, so be sure what exact steps you need to take.

How to file for an Uncontested Divorce?
Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Washington

DIY Divorce in Washington

The Do It Yourself divorce is at its highest point right now. The couples do not want to overpay for attorneys and other additional legal bodies, decide to represent themselves in court, and prepare all the documents to file with the divorce. It is a rather convenient way of getting a divorce because you can rely only on yourself and can control the expenses. You can order the preparation of documents order on our online website and save your time and money, which we will discuss in more detail later. In general, the DIY divorce can take place only if you have an Uncontested divorce and you also have no claims or quarrels with each other. Nowadays, if you meet all the residency requirements of the Washington State, you can easily get a divorce just depending only on yourself.

How much does an Uncontested Divorce cost in Washington?

The uncontested divorce in the Washington State costs approximately $15,000. It can include the attorney help that may cost $500-600 per hour. All the costs are stipulated by the Supreme Court and can vary according to the terms of your case. According to the Contested divorce, it usually costs $26,450 per divorcee. Seldom, the cost of the divorce in the Washington State may even be $50,000 for the whole process. So, you need to realize the real fee for the divorce and be prepared for some extra expenses.

How much does an Uncontested Divorce cost in Washington

How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in Washington

The uncontested divorce takes not longer than 6-7 months, including all the aspects of the procedure. The contested divorce takes much time and can be approximately 12 months. The case is dependant on the issues that can make the divorce more complicated. You should do everything to get an uncontested divorce to save time.

How to serve your spouse in Washington

In the Washington State, you need to serve your spouse within 21 days from the Petition signing. You can do it by yourself, or you can use the help of the Sheriff. Furthermore, you may send your spouse all the documents by the official post or the certified email. There are lots of variants to deliver the documents to another spouse. You can choose the most suitable one for you.

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Documents You Need to Get a Divorce in Washington

  • Service Accepted FL All Family 117
  • Declaration: Personal Service Could not be Made in Washington FL All Family 102
  • Declaration re: Service Members’ Civil Relief Act FL All Family 170
  • Waiver of Rights Under Service Members Civil Relief Act No Mandatory Form Available
  • Civil Case Cover Sheet Cover Sheet
  • Sealed Personal Health Care Records (Cover Sheet) FL All Family 012
  • Sealed Confidential Reports (Cover Sheet) FL All Family 013
  • Sealed Financial Source Documents Cover Sheet FL All Family 011
  • Petition for Order for Protection (Domestic violence: WPF DV 1.015)
  • Declaration Regarding Public Assistance (FL All Family 132)
  • Notice of Address Change (FL All Family 120)
  • Petition for Divorce - FL Divorce 201
  • Summons – FL Divorce 200
  • Confidential Information Form and Attachment - FL All Family 001 & 002
  • Declaration re: Service members’ Civil Relief Act
  • Notice re Military Dependent - FL All Family 103
  • Instructions for Proof of Personal Service - FL All Family 101
  • Instructions for Declaration: Personal Service Could Not be made in Washington - FL All Family 102
  • Annulment/Invalidity (INV 3)
  • Child Custody (CUS 3)
  • Committed Intimate Relationship (CIR 3)
  • Dissolution with Children (DIC 3)
  • Dissolution with no Children (DIN 3)
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership with Children (DPC 3)
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership with No Children (DPN 3)
  • Foreign Judgment (FJU 3)
  • Invalidity-Domestic Partnership (INP 3)
  • Legal Separation (SEP 3)
  • Legal Separation-Domestic Partnership (SPD 3)
  • Mandatory Wage Assignment (MWA 3)
  • Modification (MOD 3)
  • Modification: Support Only (MDS 3)
  • Out-of-State Custody (OSC 3)
  • Parenting Plan/Child Support (PPS 3)
  • Reciprocal, Respondent in County (RIC 3)
  • Reciprocal, Respondent Out of County (ROC 3)

All these documents are required by the court of the Washington State, but you should remember that you are only required to complete the documents based on your individual case.

Online Divorce in Washington

Online divorce is a really wise decision for a more convenient and faster divorce process. You need to be extremely attentive to the way online divorce works in the Washington State. You need to first find an appropriate website at a reasonable price. On our site, the price is $139. Then, you have to pay the fee and wait until your documents are ready. The last step is to download the documents from your email and file with the court. The whole process is quite easy. Furthermore, you do not need to spend lots of money on the attorney help, and also there are no hidden fees. Everything is accurate and clear. You can try to order the preparation of the documents online, and you will be pleasantly impressed.

Online Divorce in Washington
Rules for child support in Washington

Rules for child support in Washington

Child support is an extremely significant aspect of the divorce process. The children will suffer anyhow because of the divorce, and the duty of both parents and the legal bodies is to make it is as smooth as possible.

In Washington State, there are two types of custody parents, the non-custodial parent – the parent who does not spend enough time with the children because of several factors and the custodial one – the parent who spends most of their time with the children and pays the bigger sum of money on the children. Usually, the parents share custody in equal parts, but seldom the court decides who will be more effective for the child. Each parent should take into account a lot of factors of the child custody and be ready to think about aspects such as:

  • Income of both spouses
  • Health state of both spouses
  • Additional expenses on the child
  • Rate of the taxes of both spouses

The Supreme Court will estimate all these nuances and will make the final decision regarding child custody.

Rules for spousal support in Washington

Spousal support, or alimony, is only appointed by the Supreme Court of Washington State. The factors that can influence the sum of the spousal support are almost the same as for child custody: health state of the spouses, tax rates, and others. The spouses can agree on the particular sum of money paid monthly. And if they fail, the mediator will help them to find the consensus. Spousal support can be terminated when one of the spouses dies, remarries, or the term of the alimony is over. You need to clarify the issues of spousal support as early as possible in order to understand how things can be later.

Rules for spousal support in Washington
Division of property in Washington

Division of property in Washington

In Washington State, all property that the couple possesses can be divided into two parts: marital property and separate property. Marital property can be shared by the spouses after the divorce process, but the separate property may not be shared because it belongs only to one of the spouses. The spouses should agree on the particular property division or convert the divorce process into a contested one. The following factors will be considered in arranging the division of the common property:

  • Type of the property
  • Term of the marriage
  • Financial state of both spouses

The court makes a decision according to the facts and evidence given by the spouses, so try to calculate together the property and your personal share.

Divorce Mediation in Washington

Mediation is the proceeding that helps couples to come to the agreement. Mediation is a rather easy event and the judge appoints the time of the sessions. The negotiations can repeat several times until you finally discuss everything. In case of a contested divorce, the court will not approve the divorce without the mediation process.

Divorce Mediation in Washington

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How to divorce a missing spouse in Washington

How to divorce a missing spouse in Washington

To divorce a missing spouse in the Washington State, you need to first do everything possible to locate them. You should request the help of the police, make notes in the local newspapers or journals, ask the relatives of the missing spouse to give you any information, and others. The court will support you in your attempts to search for your missing spouse. Finally, if all attempts fail, the court will schedule the court hearing without their presence.

The Default Divorce in Washington

In Washington State, the default divorce means that one of the spouses has no desire to answer the Petition for the divorce process and tries to avoid going to court. In such a case, the court is simply bound to arrange the final hearing without the participation of the spouse. In order to start the default process, you need to write a Motion for Default Judgment and an Order Granting Default Judgment. You have to file these papers with the Supreme Court.

Default vs No-Fault Divorce in Washington

As we have already discussed, the default divorce has many complications and costs more money. The No-Fault (uncontested) divorce is much easier in such a case. The waiting period for an uncontested divorce in the Washington State is 90 days and the waiting period of the default divorce can be much longer, approximately 120 days. The fee for the attorney also varies according to the term of the whole proceeding. Finally, both divorces will get the Divorce Decree.

How can I get a Default Divorce Hearing in Washington?

In order to get a default divorce hearing, you need to follow the following steps

  1. Arrange all the nuances of the future divorce, such as county, the residency requirements, the type of the divorce, and others.
  2. Write the Petition for the divorce process to the Supreme Court
  3. Serve your spouse with the required documents
  4. Get a response from your spouse ( if they agree or reject the Petition)
  5. Prove the grounds of the divorce and attach special notices or other documents for the court
  6. Schedule the mediation process
  7. Go to the trial and get the Final Decree
The Default Divorce in Washington
Annulment of the marriage in Washington

Annulment of marriage in Washington

The annulment of marriage is slightly different from a divorce. The annulment is not a marriage termination, but the total agreement that the marriage never took place. The grounds for such a process include:

  • One of the spouses was underaged (under 18 years old) at the marriage registration
  • Both spouses are blood relatives
  • There is a fact of the bigamy
  • The marriage was a result of a fraud

After the annulment process, the spouses have to agree on the issues of child custody, property division, and other aspects attentively, because in Washington State, after the annulment of the marriage, the common children can be supported only by the mother.

Legal Separation in Washington

In the Washington State, you have a possibility to get a legal separation. Unlike other States, Washington allows such a proceeding. The main difference between a legal separation and the divorce process is that the separation does not signal the end of the legal marriage. The spouses can live independently, but they official remain married. It is rather convenient because you do not need to divide the property. Of course, you should agree with each other about the terms of child custody and spousal support, but this process is far faster than a divorce. The Supreme Court in Washington does not specify any particular period for the spouses to live independently before the legal divorce itself.

Legal Separation in Washington
The Same-Sex Divorce in Washington

Same-Sex Divorce in Washington

Unfortunately, same-sex marriage and divorce are not recognized by the Supreme Court of Washington State. Since 2007, Washington allowed domestic partnership between same-sex couples, but it not considered a legal registration. Same-sex couples have to apply to the court with the Petition for the legal cohabitation and have to go through the special process before the court allows them to stay together legally. The end of the domestic partnership is also the legal process that needs a separate kit of the documents, which is different in each county of the Washington State.

Military Divorce in Washington

To have a military divorce, you need to comprehend the same proceeding as the usual divorce proceeding. The one significant problem is to serve your military spouse with all required documents even if they are stationed far away from home. You need to ask the Sheriff or Commander in charge of your spouse for help in delivering the documents. You can also send them through the post. After you serve your spouse, the rest of the divorce proceeding is standard. The terms, waiting periods, cost of the divorce are absolutely the same.

How to divorce a spouse in a jail in Washington

The divorce with a spouse who is currently in jail has the similar steps as any other divorce. To serve your spouse with all the documents and forms, you need to send them by post or deliver them yourself. If you meet all the residency requirements and prepare all the documents correctly, the court hearing will be appointed anyway, with or without the presence of your spouse.

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Divorce filing fee

Court filing fees are in addition to the cost of using This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.

Divorce filing fee

Can a fee be waived?

In Washington State, the fee can be waived, but only if you give the appropriate documents to the court that prove your disability to pay the fee. You will have to show your total monthly income, your tax rate, debt sum, and others. If the court approves your documents, your fee will be waived.

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